dollar photo club logoWith only less than a month left before the stock site closes, have you closed your Dollar Photo Club account yet? Do not do so unless you find a better alternative. Do not hasten yourself to find your next primary image source. You need to take your time to decide which of the existing stock photo agencies best suit your creative needs and budget. But, one dollar per image is pretty hard to beat.

About the Closure

Since the acquisition of the Dollar Photo Club and its parent Fotolia by Adobe Stock in January 2015, the stock sites are already preparing for their closure. On the other hand, the DPC will only be terminating its services on April 15, 2016. By that time, you are no longer allowed to update their billing information. You won’t also have access your download history and member area. You can no longer renew your membership. You will not be charged for payment methods in the future as well. In short, your Dollar Photo Club account will be permanently closed.

What Should You Do?

Since the proposed transition of DPC is voluntary, you should check out other stock photo agencies. Find your potential primary image bank when the Dollar Photo Club closes. Now, finding your next stock image source can be tricky. You are already accustomed to the features and benefits of DPC. You believe they suit your creative needs and budget, thus you signed up to DPC before. The key to a smoother and easier and transition is finding a stock site that offers a similar product. Find what you love about DPC in another website.


Here are some of the features and benefits users love about DPC:

  • They get royalty-free images in the highest possible resolution.
  • They can download 100,000 new images per week.
  • They do not have to worry about hidden fees and commitment. They can also enjoy downloads that never expire.
  • They get to enjoy unique features exclusive only to members. Exquisite images are available in straightforward prices.

Only one website can offer similar features and benefits. You might want to check Stock Photo Secrets very own stock site. 99 Club also offers royalty-free images for up to XXL sizes that do not expire. It offers 80,000 fresh images to members every month. It also has no hidden fees and auto-renew. You can enjoy 200 downloads for $99, which is twice the number of downloads you can get with your Dollar Photo Club account. Moreover, it is not associated with DPC or Fotolia – meaning it will be around for over 10 years. You do not have to worry about it closing anytime soon. Membership is only available to limited customers so join now!