SuedTirol (or South Tyrol) Footage was given birth after a photographer decided to share to the world what South Tyrol has. It is a very nice place that everyone should see. South Tyrol is a small place in some part of North Italy. The land area is about 7,400 square kilometer which is big enough for a photographer to take photos from end to end of the place and to share to the world how beautiful it is.

The photographer, Kevin, has many photos already about this place South Tyrol. He is even earning money online from selling stock photos in some of the websites that are offering stock photography. He also teaches students on how to effectively make a shot for some places, mountains, sea, and many more. In this blog, you will learn those things. You can learn from creating you very first impressive shot anywhere or anything you want to be your subject. Kevin will help you to edit those photos nicely to make it more catchy to the eyes of your audience.

You will also see some videos and footage from this website where it will be shared to you from time to time. Make sure to follow or subscribe to us so that you will receive update notification once we publish a post. We hope you enjoy our website. Talk to you soon.