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Getty Footage in a Glance

Stock footage is an important part of creative projects. It does not only enhance the visuals of a webpage or website, it also helps convey the right message to visitors. That’s why you need to choose the right source for your videos. Getty Images is one of the leading stock media sites in the industry. It boasts over 200 million of stock assets in its library, with over 50,000 hours of film.

There’s a lot to know about Getty Images, but here are some key points to help you decide if it is the stock site for you:

  • Huge collection of Getty footage. Whatever theme or style you are looking for, Getty Images got you covered. With its recent acquisition of Corbis Motion and its media partners, you now have a more comprehensive and diverse library to explore.
  • Commercial and editorial clips. Do you need Getty footage for commercial and editorial purposes? No problem. Getty Images offer both types of clips in the highest quality and now affordable prices.
  • Simple pricing. You can save both time and money with Getty’s buying options. You can purchase stock footage a la carte or on demand with Ultrapacks, which are bulk item packs at discounted prices.getty
  • Wide pricing range. The stock site offers a wide pricing range based on usage, amount of rights needed, clip size and resolution.
  • Royalty-free and rights-managed licenses. Both RF and RM licenses are available at Getty Images. Simply choose a stock footage you like and purchase the right license that meets you needs.
  • East to navigate library. Finding the right stock footage is easy with Getty. It has a neatly organized and highly searchable library to help you find what you are looking for in no time.
  • Still images and audio files. Getty footage is not the only asset offered by the stock site. You can also find other media files to complement your projects, such as images and audio.

Here are the features you will find when you visit the stock site. If you are looking for premium quality footage at great prices, you can never go wrong with Getty.

Adobe Stock for Creative Cloud Members and Non-Members

what-is-adobe-stockAdobe Stock is a stand-alone stock media site integrated with Creative Cloud software applications. It has over 40 million stock content in its library, including images, graphics and videos. While the stock site is fully integrated with CC software, Creative Cloud non-members can still use it to find the perfect stock images for their creative projects. The user-friendly search bar allows everyone to find high quality images, graphics and videos easily and quickly.

Aside from the high quality stock collection, Adobe Stock also boasts one of the best premium collections in the market, read its review here. You can find the most inspiring images from select Adobe Stock contributors in this section. Here, you can find hand-picked images from the stock site’s most inspiring artists as well as photos that make a singular impression. What else can you find in the premium collection?

  • Editor’s Choice. Not sure what images to download for your creative projects? You can check out the Editor’s Choice collection to get insight. This collection includes highlighted selections from curators as chosen by experts. If you want to make an impression, this is the collection to explore.
  • Concept Collections. Concept Collections feature thematic galleries for inspirational storytelling. This is perfect for creative projects that tell a story. CC enhances your message to your readers or visitors so you can effectively communicate your story.
  • Featured Contributors. Featured contributors allow you to browse the portfolios of Adobe Stock’s premium artists. From culinary pieces to the drama of details, you will surely find something in between to jump-start or complete your creative projects.


With Adobe Stock, you can work faster. You can find the perfect image for your next creative projects from the stock site’s collection right inside your favorite Creative Cloud software application. The stock site allows you to preview the watermarked images inside your designs first for your clients’ approval and yours. Then, you can license the images directly with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other Adobe desktop applications.

Adobe Stock offers various purchase options to meet your creative needs. Both Creative Cloud members and non-members can buy and download images from the stock site. A single image is available at $9.99 each. If you have larger creative needs, you can opt for the 10 images/month annual plan, which offers the first month for FREE at $29.99/month. If you need stock footages, the stock site also offers HD and 4K videos starting from $79.99.

Adobe Stock is currently on the running to be one of the leading stock sites in the market. It is not hard to imagine because of its vast collection of premium content. Plus, it is the only stock media agency integrated to editing software applications. What are you waiting for? Save time and money with Adobe Stock!


5 High Demand Cheap Stock Video Footage Categories

Are you looking for cheap stock video footage to supplement your creative projects? There are a number of stock media sites that offer high quality video clips in the market. Most of them you are already familiar with, such as Shutterstock and iStock. You just have to find one that suits your creative needs and budget. You can browse video clips by keyword or category. Currently, here are 5 categories of stock videos that are in high demand.


  1. Establishing shots. At the present, this is the most sought-after category in the market. Many creative professionals are looking for cheap stock video footage that they can incorporate at the beginning of a scene. Footages that establish shots are designed to show the audience where the action is taking place. The most common example is an exterior shot of a building shown before cutting to people inside.


  1. Aerial footage. Another in demand cheap stock video footage is aerial footage. A few years ago, it would take a helicopter or an airplane to shoot this type of video clips – making it really expensive. Fortunately, quadcopters and octocopters are now available in the market, allowing videographers to save thousands of dollars while consistently shooting aerial footages.
  2. Authentic model released clips. Many businesspersons are looking for high quality model released cheap stock video footage for their company websites. They want authentic and diverse footages that look realistic to convince potential customers that many people are confident about their products.
  3. Green screen. Another popular cheap stock video footage is green screen. You will be surprises of the number of clients looking for this type of video clip. Green screen can be used in all types of productions. Whether you are using local weather forecasts or major motion pictures, you can replace a green screen with whatever image you want. Shot in front of a pure green background, it is used to place video within a piece of technology like mobile devices.
  4. Model released sports clips. Since model released sports clips are harder to come by, they are specifically in great demand. Cheap stock video footage of athletes and fans are commonly used in television shows, films and advertisement. They are commonly used as playback footage as seen on television when actors are watching sports at a bar or in their homes.

Oftentimes, you can find cheap stock video footage in stock media sites that sell cheap stock photos as well. Shutterstock and iStock have a huge collection of video clips that will help you find what you are looking for to supplement your creative projects. Above are the most common categories of footages that many creative professionals use with their projects. Surely, you will find them in some of the top media sites in the Internet.

Tips in Finding High Quality Images with a Shutterstock Coupon Code

shutterstock-logoDo you want to run a successful blog? If you do, you need to attract readers. You need to learn how to add images to your blog to complement your core message. Stock images offer a lot of benefits if you know how to use them. They can attract readers to your website, make them comfortable with your blog, reduce bounce rate in your site, and enhance the overall appearance of your blog.


  • Use stock images legally. Not all images can be used legally. Some images are copyrighted; therefore, you cannot use them without a license. If you do not want to deal with legal issues in the future, find images that are free from copyrights. You can buy them from stock image sites such as Shutterstock. If the price is too high for you, you can get Shutterstock coupons to avail of discounts.
  • Find the right stock image website. Many stock image sites are available in the market today. You can visit them to find the best image or images for your blog. You can find beautiful images from websites like Shutterstock. But, before you grab any images for your blog, be sure to read the terms and conditions stated in the agreement. While creative commons can give you images for free, purchasing images with Shutterstock coupons is safer.


  • Purchase subscriptions. There are websites that offer low cost professional stock images. Of course, you want your blog to standout in order to attract readers. This is possible with the right image. However, professional images can be expensive. Thankfully, websites like Shutterstock offer reasonably priced subscription plans. Shutterstock even offers a Shutterstock coupon for further discounts.
  • Select only high quality images. The Internet offers all types of images, from small to extra-large and from low resolution to high resolution. This makes it more difficult for you to find the best image. When choosing the best image, compare the available images and consider your core message. You can take a look at comments, downloads and ratings from other users. This will help you eliminate low quality images easily.

Shutterstock Coupon Code

Once you find a high quality image that complements your core message, you can proceed with the purchase. Different stock image sites have different subscription plans. You can find one that suits your creative needs and budget. Shutterstock currently offers two types of licenses for single users. You can purchase a plan to get the image you want from the website. After all, Shutterstock has over 60 million creative files. It is hard not to find an image for your blog. You can use a Shutterstock coupon code 2015 to get discounts from an already affordably plan.

Cheap Stock Photos for your Creative Needs

Why do you need cheap stock images? Are they an important element of your web design, blog or school project? Do you recognize their significance in conveying your message and representing your brand? Cheap stock images are available all over the internet to suit your creative needs. Not only that, they also exist to fit whatever budget you have. Thanks to numerous stock photography banks, your creative projects will be successful.

There are many creative folks around the world and each of them requires different amounts of stock images for their projects. They also have specific requirements on images that suit their niches. Thankfully, many stock photo agencies are also available in the market. A student’s creative needs are different than that of a blogger’s and web designer’s needs. Find out how they vary from one another.


students attending training course at school

The internet is a vast source for your creative needs. Are you a student who is looking for cheap stock images to revitalize your school paper? Do you need them for your scrapbook? Stock photo websites are all over the Internet, and their number is increasing. You just have to find one that suits your needs and your budget. Since you do not need a lot of images for your creative projects, you can just pay as you go or pay as you download them.



Bloggers are one of the most common consumers of cheap stock images. They usually require at least one per blog post. Typically, bloggers post one to two blogs per week. So, they require at least 8 images per month. I am sure a lot of stock photography banks are available to suit their specific needs. Are you also a blogger? What do you blog about? How many stock images do you require every month?

Web Designer

web designer

Another avid user of cheap stock images is web designers. Yes, that’s right. In fact, they require more photos than other consumers. Stock images are one of the main elements of a website. A website without pictures is just plain and boring. Readers like to browse through websites with images as they capture their attention and retain it. If you are a web designer, do you agree that stock images are important in web design?

Cheap stock photography has been the cream of the crop of blogs, websites and other creative projects. It captures the attention of readers and consumers and influences them to read further, share information or make a purchase. It makes a big difference by transforming websites, blogs and papers into more appealing works of art. In a word, it makes every creative project successful. Get your cheap photos now!

Get the Perfect Images with an iStock Promo Code

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getty Images, iStock is one of the most profitable and successful stock photography websites in the market. It has millions of royalty-free images, illustrations, graphics, vectors, videos and even music clips. Whatever you need for you creative projects, you can find it in the website’s library. Of course, you need cash to pay for single purchases or subscription plans.


Standard and Extended Licenses

iStock has standard and extended licenses included in its plans. Standard license is included with almost all of the licensed files in the website. On the other hand, extended license is only available to suit your particular needs. There are five types of extended license and they all provide better usage freedom for all the licensed files from iStock. If you want files under For Editorials Only, they fall under standard license but are only available for non-commercial uses.

5 Types of Extended License

  • The first type is unlimited reproduction/print run. This license option includes photos, illustrations and videos but not audio clips.
  • Second is multi-seat. This type has unlimited users. It also includes photos, illustrations and videos but not audios.
  • Third type is items for resale. This extended license option has limited run. It only includes photos and illustrations. If you need videos and audios, consider another type.
  • The fourth type is electronic items for resale, which has unlimited run. It includes photos, illustrations and videos. But just like the first and second type, it does not include audios.
  • The last type is extended legal guarantee. This type includes all files such as photos, illustrations, videos and audios. However, files under this category are not available for files licensed with a subscription.

iStock Promo Codes

istockphoto pricing

Whether you choose Standard License or Extended License, you will greatly benefit from an iStock promo code. You can get these codes from websites affiliated with the stock photo agency (click here for more information). Of course, you need to take caution in dealing with these websites. Make sure that you get them from a reputable one. These promo codes allow you to save more from your purchases and subscription plans.

Are you looking for the perfect images for your creative projects? Are you a student who needs it for your school works or a blogger who wants to cheer up his blog? Are you a businessman who wants to fill his website with amazing images? Whatever your reason is for getting these images, you will surely benefit from iStock promo codes. Yes. Aside from the discounts you get from purchasing multiple credits, you will get an additional 10 or 20 percent.

What are you waiting for? Get the most beautiful photos for your creative projects now! Get iStock promo codes 2015.   

Adobe Stock: The New Cheap Stock Photo Agency that Enlivened my Blog

As a blogger, I am regularly in search for ways to make my blog posts interesting. I understand that content is central in getting readers, but I also recognize the importance of images in keeping their attention. I don’t only consider myself as a writer, who creates content that loops around my interests and my readers. I am also a reader. That’s why I appreciate the techniques that can refresh my blog – like cheap stock photos. Here is how I found a remarkable cheap stock photo agency, Adobe Stock.

I consider my blog as a 2-year old baby. Within that span of 2 years, I’ve been adding stock photo images to make it thrive, just like supplementing a toddler with vitamins to make him strong. I have tried many stock photo agencies and I have been satisfied with my choices. However, like a growing child, the photo needs of my blog also increased. By the way, it is a travel blog, so you have an idea how many images I need.

Oftentimes, I use my personal photos to share my travel experiences to my readers. However, I don’t deny the fact that I am not a professional photographer and I don’t hire one. So, I either get them edited or I browse cheap stock photos. When I heard that Adobe launched its own stock photo website, I was thrilled. I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop to edit my photos. Since Adobe now owns its personal stock photo website, it makes my photo-editing easier.


What I like about Adobe Stock:

  • Web-design. I like the overall website design of Adobe Stock. It has an attractive and easy-to-use user interface. The website is also easy to navigate. The services and products pages are easy to locate. The search toolbar makes it stress-free to find images related to my chosen keywords.
  • Plans & Pricing. Adobe Stock offers cheap stock images for the best value. I am currently subscribed to 10 images a month. As a new blogger, I find this subscription most suitable. Given the website’s library of millions of high-quality stock images, I feel that it has fulfilled all my creative needs.
  • I also love the fact that it is integrated into Photoshop. I also love that I don’t have to download the images to my computer and then import them to Photoshop. I just select the items and they will instantaneously appear in my library window. I also get to work with lower-resolution versions of the images before purchasing the full version. Moreover, I am currently enjoying a discounted stock image plan because of my Creative Cloud subscription.

Adobe Stock has made my blogging experience more enjoyable. Gone are the days when I am stuck searching and editing the most suitable cheap stock photos for my blog. Now, I can easily find and edit them through my favorite photo-editing application. Through Adobe Stock, I am not the only one relishing the pleasures of sharing relevant content to my readers. They, too, revel in the nice-looking, high-quality images.