shutterstock-logoDo you want to run a successful blog? If you do, you need to attract readers. You need to learn how to add images to your blog to complement your core message. Stock images offer a lot of benefits if you know how to use them. They can attract readers to your website, make them comfortable with your blog, reduce bounce rate in your site, and enhance the overall appearance of your blog.


  • Use stock images legally. Not all images can be used legally. Some images are copyrighted; therefore, you cannot use them without a license. If you do not want to deal with legal issues in the future, find images that are free from copyrights. You can buy them from stock image sites such as Shutterstock. If the price is too high for you, you can get Shutterstock coupons to avail of discounts.
  • Find the right stock image website. Many stock image sites are available in the market today. You can visit them to find the best image or images for your blog. You can find beautiful images from websites like Shutterstock. But, before you grab any images for your blog, be sure to read the terms and conditions stated in the agreement. While creative commons can give you images for free, purchasing images with Shutterstock coupons is safer.


  • Purchase subscriptions. There are websites that offer low cost professional stock images. Of course, you want your blog to standout in order to attract readers. This is possible with the right image. However, professional images can be expensive. Thankfully, websites like Shutterstock offer reasonably priced subscription plans. Shutterstock even offers a Shutterstock coupon for further discounts.
  • Select only high quality images. The Internet offers all types of images, from small to extra-large and from low resolution to high resolution. This makes it more difficult for you to find the best image. When choosing the best image, compare the available images and consider your core message. You can take a look at comments, downloads and ratings from other users. This will help you eliminate low quality images easily.

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Once you find a high quality image that complements your core message, you can proceed with the purchase. Different stock image sites have different subscription plans. You can find one that suits your creative needs and budget. Shutterstock currently offers two types of licenses for single users. You can purchase a plan to get the image you want from the website. After all, Shutterstock has over 60 million creative files. It is hard not to find an image for your blog. You can use a Shutterstock coupon code 2015 to get discounts from an already affordably plan.